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Welcome To Joey's Online Book Sales

On this website you will learn more about Joey Niemann and you will have the opportunity to purchase her latest book called “Your Key To Victory.” & “Jou Sleutel Tot Oorwinning.”  We hope you enjoy the Journey and we look forward to sending you your personal signed copy of Joey’s latest book.

About Joey

Joey was a successful business woman for the past 20 years and is now in fulltime ministry.

Her own battle to freedom and overcoming from her severe emotional brokenness and destruction as a divorcee and single mom, led to her strong desire and passion to help others and Step into Freedom Ministry and Counselling House NPC was born.

Joey realized that doing counselling on a one-to-one basis was not efficient enough , There is just too little time, too many broken-hearted people in the world that needs help.  The SOLUTION came in the form of a practical self-help Counselling Guide that can now be used simultaneously by thousands in the privacy of their own home, at their own time at a minimal cost.  

About The Book

This book is ideal for self-use, with a Trust Buddy, Groups and Counsellors.

The fallen world we live in, comes with pain, disappointments, unrighteousness and offences that more likely stay with us for the rest of our lives.

This often leads to us living our lives, looking through a lens of negativity and defeat.

This guide is a tool to help you deal with those negative emotions, find their roots and replace them with the Truth of the Word of God through the Holy Spirit.


  • How Triggers, lies and their roots influence your emotions
  • The truth about Anger and Unforgiveness 
  • The enemy’s strategy to keep you in bondage
  • The freedom that comes from knowing your purpose 

There is no excuse to live a life of victory, It is now YOUR CHOICE

Place your order today to avoid disappointment.  Your book will be delivered to your door or the option to collect.  For our international interests please visit our International page.